Menus and Nutrition

Our long day care menu includes freshly prepared and cooked meals each day. Starting with a nutritious breakfast of Weetbix and wholemeal toast, morning tea with fresh fruit platters and fruit salad, on to lunch with a freshly prepared meal and afternoon.

We provide seasonal menus that rotate over a 4 week period. These menus are prepared following all dietary requirements for children 5 years and under including supporting all dietary and allergy requirements. Our menus are reviewed each year by Nutrition Australia to ensure all requirements are met and we provide nutritional meals to all children attending our service.

Please click here to see a example of our weekly menus.

 To help support children learn about nutrition we have regular discussions during our meal times about healthy options, play spaces that provide healthy eating learning, vegetable gardens, herb gardens and bush tucker gardens to help children learn about where our food comes from along with sustainable learning opportunities.

Throughout the Service we have information for families to support the health and nutrition for children and their families. 

Our children are all provided with their own drink bottles that they have access to throughout the full day to encourage drinking water.

Each year we provide families with the opportunity to participate in a free Dental screening for their child which is also followed up with dental health experiences and learning for the children.