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How to Set Your Child Up for Future Success 


The future is uncertain and with the current developments in globalisation and AI, you might now be worried about what the future holds for your child. Although it’s still decades away before your child can get a job or run a business, as a parent you still want some guarantee that your child will do well. Also, you still want your child to have fun along the way. 

Setting your child up for future success 

Although the future is uncertain, as a parent you can still tilt the odds in favour of your child. In other words, it’s about maximising the chances that your child will indeed do well in the future. This way, even if the world is rapidly changing, your child can still adapt and take advantage of several opportunities that may come. 

To accomplish that, one practical way is to help your child get a great start in life. Aside from material and resource advantages, your child can also get a great start by building a solid foundation in life. This solid foundation can come from proper education, especially during the child’s early years (where rapid brain development happens). This is why choosing an early learning centre is often critical for children’s short- and long-term development. 

Aside from getting an amazing start, children should receive sustained and ongoing support from parents and the environment. For example, every moment with our children is actually an opportunity for us to help them with their development. Every moment of communicating and storytelling can actually help them with their language skills. Even our very presence can shape how children view the world. If we’re always there for them, especially during tough times, they can learn early on that the world is still a reasonably safe place. With this feeling of safety, children will have more mental energy on learning. 

We can think of this as playing a board game such as chess, where a great opening and sustained great play is essential in winning the game. It’s also about creating the conditions and circumstances that make winning most likely or inevitable (instead of looking for that magical move or combination that will end the game). 

For our children, it’s good for them to get an amazing start and be in the right nurturing conditions so they can bring out their potential and maximise their chances for future success and happiness. This also increases their chances of having a smooth journey, or when there are obstacles along the way, they can successfully overcome them.