Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum incorporates the Victorian Early Years Framework (EYLF), and our programs are based on the children’s current interests to help foster the learning process.

Our Educators record observations of each child throughout the year to foster intellectual, social, creative, motor development and independence. These observations allow families to follow their child’s learning and development throughout their first 5 years.

Our Programs

We provide balanced programs that are developmentally age appropriate, challenging to provide children with the opportunity to experience a wide range learning, focused on children’s current interests and are completely PLAY BASED

Our programs consider the social and cultural values of each child and their family as well as the community we live in.

Programs include a weekly music appreciation program, indoor and outdoor experiences including taking care of our chickens, rabbit, vegetable and herb gardens, composting and our worm farm, cooking, science, multicultural experiences, interest based experiences, incursions and much more.

Where additional needs are identified, we will endeavour to meet the needs of the child at the Service and help families access any other resources required.

Our Children

Our Service provides each child with an age appropriate environment for them to play, laugh, learn and feel safe and secure.

Caterpillar Room

6 weeks to 2 years

Our Caterpillar room provides a nurturing and stimulating environment. Offering a range of age appropriate interest based experiences for babies aged from 6 weeks old.

We respect each child has their own individual routine at home and therefore ensure these routines are continued throughout the day by our qualified educators.

We also understand the importance of a loving and caring environment and therefore we provide a home away from home atmosphere ensuring your child feels safe and secure at all times giving them the opportunity to build strong and respectful relationships with their peers and educators .

Butterfly Room

2 years to 3-3.5 years

Our Butterfly room provides an environment that is stimulating, playful and caring. We offer a range of different experiences including art and craft, music and movement, gross motor development, fine motor development, social development and cognitive development. The children’s current interests are used to help program for the room and for each child individually. The toddler children are encouraged to further develop their self help skills through encouragement and nurturing, enabling them to become confident young learners while building strong and respectful relationships with their peers and educators.

Kindergarten Room

3-3.5 to 5 years

Our Kinder room provides an environment aimed to prepare your child for school.

The Kinder children participate in a program developed to support their interests and further their development ready for school. This program is developed by our Qualified Kindergarten Teacher. The children are encouraged to further develop their problem solving skills, self help skills and imagination through a program based on their own interests and play.