Children & Families

At Dorset Early Learning & Kindergarten we pride ourselves on offering a safe, supportive, fun and educational environment for children and their families.
Starting childcare can often be an anxious time for families and children, to help support the beginning of this journey we offer flexible orientation to ensure all children and families are comfortable before beginning their permanent positions. Our orientation process is set up individually with each family to ensure we are catering to your needs, for some children this could only be a couple of orientation days and for others this may be an extended orientation process.

For the Child our educators are committed to:

  • Building strong and meaningful relationships with all children
  • Providing a fun and safe environment focusing on children’s interests through Play
  • Providing an environment which recognises the special needs and talents of each individual child
  • Foster the development of independence and feeling of self worth
  • Ensuring all aspects of a child’s developmental needs are met and programmed for and ensuring these are periodically assessed to help further support their development
  • Providing an environment that offers areas of exploration both inside and outside
  • Providing the children with the opportunity to explore their environment and teach children to care for their environment

For the Family our educators are committed to:

  • Building strong and meaningful relationships with our families
  • Providing families the opportunity to participate at all levels and at all times their child is in care
  • Providing support to families and ensuring they feel comfortable to discuss matters concerning their child
  • Communication with families about their children’s development, learning, routines and more
  • Supporting families of all cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds and encourage families to share their cultures within our service
  • Providing families with information and support with their children’s development, behaviour, routines, etc
  • Providing families with family support and social networking

Available to Families:

  • Choice of 1 day to 5 days of childcare
  • Family Handbook Pack on admission to the Service including information of current Child Care Subsidies
  • Full Kindergarten Program with Qualified Kindergarten Teacher, 5 days per week
  • Continuity of daily home routines
  • Nappies inclusive of Fee
  • All extra programs inclusive of Fees, including a weekly music program
  • Support given to Breastfeeding Mothers
  • Educational Program
  • Individual Children’s Learning Journal for the family to keep at the end of each year
  • Access to our digital communication App, providing families with up to date daily information on their child’s routine, daily photos, videos, messages from the office and more
  • Seasonal Menu – which includes nutritional food that is prepared on the premises and consists of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. Our menus are assessed by Nutrition Australia to ensure we are providing all dietary requirements for children 5 years old and under including supporting all dietary and allergy requirements
  • Policies of the Service for perusal
  • Guidelines for exclusion of infectious diseases
  • Immunisation Information
  • Open Door Policy where Parents are invited to visit the service at any time
    Supportive and qualified educators to care and educate their children